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Dire Island

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Dire Island

The Dire Island is a key island that appeared during The Great Breakening.  The island's largely political tale is covered from various perspectives and narrative styles in the ElemenstorLance series of the same name.  Unlike most of the islands during this period, the Dire Island would rise and fall during this epochal period, and had a culture and geography that were not carried forward into future eras.



The island is located north of the "northernmost northernmost" island, "between the sea and the ocean" (as described early in "The Isle o' Rubian"), and thus is "easily protected by naval blockade as well as a fortified port".


The surrounding seas were muddled by the different authors and disjoint stories that were the result of authorial infighting amongst ElemenstorLance contractors in the early twenty-first century. As a result the island is "located near the northern rim of the 'Sea of Sorrows' , although the island was considered a border between the 'Sea of Hope' and the 'Sea of Despair'. The island also is surrounded by the Sea of Tears.



The island, when first introduced is already the location of the legendary "White Tower" (of unexplored origin), also called "Old Man Rubian's tomb".  Early in the age, island is referred to as the "Isle of Rubian", but as misfortune and misadventures on the island mount, it gradually becomes known only as the Dire Island.  The island became a strategic and ideological battleground for rival naval powers among the northern isles for thousands of years. Most of the island population was nomadic, which makes it an excellent place to recruit troops. It was not uncommon to anchor off of the rugged coast of the island, come ashore, recruit an army and then, invariably, declare oneself king of the Dire Island often with a title such as Dire King or The King of all the Domains.


The island was a place of intense political upheaval, with the government's position increasingly unstable due to local unrest. The Dire Island was also a location of intense conflict from its early days, with a combination of military and political alliances forming the political structure of the island.  This rich tapestry made for a compelling setting that featured at least somewhat promising in nearly a dozen novels.


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