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'Juicy' leSheya

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'Juicy' leSheya

A minor Filament (Lighting Elemenstor) who transchanted only one Furniliar, an Ottoman she named Osmond. It was soon after the animation of Osmond that her second-hand Santorum tore open unnoticed one day while out adventuring and she lost her rubian. Few tales are told of her exploits other than that they general took place in the southern regions of Battal.


It is unclear the exact circumstances of her death, but it is related by Osmond that she was unexpectedly falled upon by a ravenous, and quite out of place, Carmathmodon. With her dying gasps she gave her Furniliar his freedom. Several hints dropped in the text point to the fact that Juicy may have been in love with Osmond, and several speculative fan fictions have filled in many detailed exploits for her of a distinctly Furnie bent.


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