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A Big Mistake

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Japanese Version

A Big Mistake


The Wizbits, Episode 106

Aired 19 October, 1999



Lord Kinlo, having failed to defeat the Wizbits in "Dark Wecrets", broods in the dank heights of his tower lair. "Something must be done," he says. "If I can't sunder the Four Underdogs myself, perhaps a traitor will destroy them from within!"


And so, with dusky plans twirling and whirling in his head, he sends a flight of Pall Crows to capture a certain young Bladebrother...



Zula: Today we played Agash, which is fun, but really dangerous. We play games like these because we know the risks, not because we want to get hurt. If you're going to play a dangerous game, make sure you know what you're getting into!





Cast and Crew


Written by



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Tie-in Merchandise

  • Lord Kinlo 6-inch action figure
  • Lord Kinlo 18-inch doll: rs
  • Lord Kinlo's Tower Lair Playset: e
  • Pall Crow hard candies ch
  • Pall Crow pillow cases



It's always cool when they cut away from the main characters, and show what the rest of the world is doing. The battles and jokes are cool, but sometimes you need something different...
This is the episode that almost contained the "Last Ooamp"!!! Can't wait till they issue the remastered first season DVD, maybe they'll edit out that stupid dresser. Ooamp fans REJOICE!!

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