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Advantage: Heroic


Bard's Tale: 25 points, Legendary: 50 points, Fearless: 75 points, What, Me Worry?: 100 points


Bard's Tale:

  • You are the main character in several stories, you are unmoved where lesser men would surely cower, you are are known for going the whole 9 clospecscions and then another 2.


  • Immune to 'fwaid.
    • Soiled pants goes down to 'fwaid, which you are immune to, so, technicaly, immune to soiled pants.



  • You cannot pass through a village without hearing your name called by village children, when people talk about you they are usualy talking about bravery and courage, you once heard a guy say that this other guy was almost as couragous as you, it makes you feel all warm inside and pushes you to hide your fear even more, this pushes you to cry when no one is looking.


  • Immune to "Stutter" fear effect and under.



  • "Fear? What is fear" you say, scared isn't in your dictionary, mainly because you don't have one. You stab random people in the street because, really, who's going to do anything. Your courage is unmatched and, seriously, the part of your brain that says "RUN YOU IDIOT, SAVE YOURSELF!" died a long time ago.


  • Immune to all fear effects.


What, Me Worry?:

  • You're not brave, you're just stupid. You crossed the line between hero and dumbass a long time ago. You're not scared of the dark, but that's only because you're unable to comprehend the meaning of scared.


  • Immune to all Mind influencing effects.
  • Int -2.
  • Wis -2.

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