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Aklom Reklats

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Aklom Reklats


A being cast out of the Oculus Omnipotens who has had, strangely, a profound effect on Battal.


The Exile


Cast out from the very essence of the Starborn Gem, Aklom Reklats was in himself a remarkably decent manisfestation of the jewel. Being the Facet of Justice and Fairness, Aklom Reklats was in fact as close to perfection as possible. Reklats argued that it was "unfair to withhold so much knowledge from the world, when it is the right of all to receive knowledge". This did not go well with Reklats' brethren, the Starchildren, and thus Reklats was expelled from the jewel. Reklats would never again see the twenty faces of the Oculus Omnipotens. Even as Harbinger Portent uncovered the mighty jewel, Reklats refused to give into temptation and did not even consider the act of pleading to rejoin his brethren -- even to regain the knowledge which he had lost on his fateful exile onto the barren earth of Battal.


The Manisfestation


Until the fall of Harbinger Portent, Reklats wandered Battal invisibly, nothing escaping his silver eyes, trying, just trying to regain even a fraction of the knowledge that he had lost. However, when Reklats witnessed the death of Portent, Reklats was infuriarated. His own brothers within the Oculus Omnipotens had betrayed him -- betrayed him, for an idiot mage who would die of his own faults mere centuries later! This buffoon, the immortal Char Reyarteb, was the reason for which Aklom Reklats once more became tangible -- for such incomprehensible idiocy simply had to be dealt with.


However, Reklats could not stop Reyarteb's stupidity instantaneously. The Oculus Omnipotens was aiding Reyarteb, and Reklats knew he wouldn't stand a chance against them, even if he did know their ways. Thus, Reklats scoured the now-deformed Battal for clues with which to stop Reyarteb -- and until centuries passed, he found none.


The Death of an Immortal


It was not until the year 19,098 that Aklom Reklats found suitable attackers of the now nearly-immortal Reyarteb. By this time, Reklats's Oculus-spawned powers of immortality were waning, and Reklats knew his time was near. With that, the once-powerful entity gathered all of his remaining power, and transferred his might into four infants. The expenditure of his last reserves of power (a tremendous amount of energy by mortal standards) caused him to finally expire or at least his singular form to expire. In fact his spirit would be dispersed amoung the four and would be reawakened when the four infants found each other and joined forces. The infants would grow up to become the Four Underdogs and would, under the guidance of Aklom and with the aid of the Ocumen, eliminate Char Reyarteb and his horde of subterranean men forever at the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom. During this battle Aklom used his knowledge of the Oculus plus the combine powers of the Four to purge the spirit of Char from it and in the process damage the Oculus. This act proclaimed forever the astounding effect of not only Aklom Reklats, but the whole of the Oculus Omnipotens, upon Battal.


The bestowing of powers on the Four Underdogs by Reklats is accepted as core canon in all ELotH works but any specific details revealed exist only in the ElemenstorLance novel, The Underdogs of Rubian. Reklats himself is barely even mentioned in ElamenSTAR until season 5, where he appears prominently in visions, finally guiding the underdogs through visions toward their ultimate destiny.


Eventual Rebirth


After the deaths of the Four Underdogs, Aklom was effectively dead again as his spirit was dispersed. After the remainder of the Oculus Omnipotens buried itself within the sand of Battal, a strange force revived Aklom Reklats, sans most of his memory. Without knowledge of his power (that was at this point the greatest in the world, due to the damage done to the Starborn Gem), Reklats believed that he was just a normal human -- but because of his sleeping power, he remained one of the most volatile -- and extremely dangerous -- beings on Battal.


Eventually, circa 19,485, Aklom Reklats was able to absorb the Non-Life from the Mute Blade of Non-Life, and in this way Aklom became the indirect manifestation of Non-Life -- making him even more powerful than he was previously. However, this did nothing to make Aklom aware of any power he had within him -- he still led a normal life as others (albeit an extremely long one).



Tim I can't figure out the source of the information regarding Reklats and his relationship to the Mute Blade. Anybody know where this information came from?

Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 8:44 pm on Apr 24, 2007

this article seems to imply that during the underdog's early life/battle with reyarteb, Reklats was dead. Is this a typo or just not an accurate reflection of all versions of the tale (specifically underdogs of rubian and the ERD)

Anonymous said

at 9:08 pm on Apr 24, 2007

Its more like his spirit was inhabiting/binding the Four Underdogs together. Then he expended his powers to defeat Char. So yes while he was technically dead, technically he was not either. I will edit Aklom to fix this.

Anonymous said

at 9:20 pm on Apr 24, 2007

I hope my edit clears up the confusion.

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