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  • Divorce


Other Names

  • God of Seperation
  • God of Divorce
  • Breaker of Chains
  • The Bachelor Maker


Known Relations

  • None



Al'm'ni is described as an old man dressed as a judge. Al'm'ni's sole domain is over divorce and he oversees all divorce proceedings and makes sure that both sides get their due. While never married himself, he was chosen to preside over the first divorce in the history of Battal between Geoff Miback and Shesan Agger. He enjoyed the case so much that he decided to make it his thing.


Al'm'ni doesn't have any active temples but rather people who are going to be divorced say prayers and give sacrifices to him to gain his favor in the proceedings. Also all divorce trials begin with an invocation to Al'm'ni for impartiality and speed. Unfortunately these prayers for speed usually don't pan out.






I seem to remember the story of the first divorce being related in the The Elemenstor Cycle but I can't remember where, anyone have the reference? -bfg00-

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