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Aflorence Chittae

Alforence Chittae was a Mundanae freelance runner-for-hire working out of Alfafanar c18,080.


Years of running around the city had made Alflorence a lean, mean, jogging machine.


Unfortunately though, his job demanded that he run mostly at night, when the moon was in the sky and the streets less croweded. Alflorence found he could get the best running done that way, without having to weave his way through the slow moving mass.


This made his girlfriend, Dorayee Pordle irritable, lonely, and most of all: man-hungry.


She didn't like the way Alflorence burst in at night with his runner's high, sweating from an exertion all too foreign from lovemaking. She didn't like the people he chummed around with during the day, all of them skinny, health-nuts like Alflorence. And most of all she didn't like the fact that all he ever talked about was how to move quicker. As far as Dorayee could see it, left-right-left was all there was to running, and to go on and on about it meant that there was probably something wrong with them.


Thus, Dorayee was prime for the picking when Gonsuave Giovelli passed through town.


Gonsuave was merely moving along wherever life would take him. Being the lover of an age meant that he didn't really have to worry where he would rest his head at night. For him, Dorayee was just another stop-over, another port, another calling card, another notch on the belt, another piece of the legend.


Since an intimate experience with Gonsuave, however brief, leaves a woman forever changed Alflorence had no trouble figuring out what had happened to his girlfriend.


It only took him a day and a half. *


Bestruck by misery, Alflorence left to live with his mother, where he stayed the rest of his life. First getting fat by feeding his depression with eggs, bacon, and sausage for 5 meals a day. Then by sitting around writhing in agony on the floor thanks to his enchanted boots.


He died several years after his mother was turned into a Vampyre and wouldn't take him with her.


* As with many of the tales of Gonsuave Giovelli, there is little evidence that Alflorence's tale explaining why his girlfriend came to leave him and ultimately wound up at the bottom of a waterfall actually took place as he described it - nobody else had actually seen Gonsuave in the area. Some have taken this as pointing to Alflorence having a much darker and altogether more dangerous character than it initially appears.

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