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All Grown Up!

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All grown up! (完全に育てられる)


Super ElamenSTAR Episode 401

Aired 25th September, 1999




The Four Underdogs have decided (at the end of the movie Super ElamenSTAR - My name is Phila!) to found the school that would eventually come to be known as the Cerulean Citadel. But deciding to start a school is a lot of work--and a lot of bureaucracy for Elemenstors who were heretofore primarily adventurers! They must gather disciples, they must arrange a curriculum, they must...


...they must build the school!




Kicks off season four, which is primarily concerned with the Cerulean Citadel and its "founding," which actually takes most of the season. Of course, once an adventurer, always an adventurer, and distractions are ubiquitous...


Though low on action and high on exposition, this episode is considered fairly humorous and is surprisingly clean--no sex, no nudity, no blood, no demonic possession, no genocide or alcoholism or kleptomania or dangerous medical advice, not so much as a single swear word. The ever-burning rivalry between Phila and Wendel makes for some enjoyable scenes as the Four Underdogs employ visually impressive Elemenstation in attempting to build four separate visions of "the perfect academy." Of course in the end they find that they can accomplish far more together than they ever could separately.



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