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A powerful PlantShaman who has the dubious distinction of being one of the characters taken from Tycho Brahe's celebrated Elemenstor Cycle and inserted into Wizbits animation in place of an unrelated character in the corresponding ElamenSTAR episode.


Amberberry first appeared in Book 4 of the Cycle, Curse of the Doombane, and rapidly became a fan favourite. She appeared in several subsequent books, and while never a main character, she was always ready with some mysteriously infallible advice if an Elemenstor needed it. In one memorable scene, she was awarded the Order of the Gloss Varnish Coat after saving a group of wandering Bureau-crats from an attack by the Shadow Woodworm.


Her popularity made it even harder for readers when in Book 12, End of the Hierarch Wars, she was captured by a rogue band of War Men led by the brutal Brezgar Two-Eye. Tragically, despite having allowed Ekezenthal and Arkazanthal to realise their love for each other by sundering the Blossomwand, Amberberry was killed. She died with the name of her true love, the Chronoartificer Tallant (who she had never met) on her lips. A minority of fans reacted badly to this scene, but most felt that it was a fitting sendoff for a beloved character.


Amberberry also died in an episode of The Wizbits Cartoon, though Book 12 had yet to be written. The specific episode was Death in the Family: A Very Special Wizbits.


Amberberry's non-dying appearance in The Wizbits was far less auspicious. In the episode Bumble Rumble (Part 2) she aided Warchief Bogg and his (cuddlier) War Men by showing them the goodness in their own hearts. In addition to being inconsistent with the timeline, the dialogue in these scenes was simply terrible, and guest voice actress Sheri Maple did not capture the character that so charmed fans of the novels.


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