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Ambulatory Dressers

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Ambulatory Dressers


Ambulatory dressers are a type of Furniliar created by Elemenstors to carry and secure valuable items, such as talismans and ritual robes.

The Dressers are made of heartwood from the Praetchetelm (I am sorry, I do not know what the English translation of this is), which is found only in certain groves on the Sickle. In order to create a Dresser, the Praetchetelm must be struck by lightning and the burning fragments quenched by rain. The splinters are then prepared with the Unguent of Binding and certain Elemenstations of Stream in order to form the Dresser. In this respect, the creation of the Dresser mimics the story of The Unsundering. This technique was developed by The Carpenters during the The Sundered Era.

The more powerful the Elemenstor, the more elaborate his Dresser will be. A vain apprentice Elemenstor will sometimes attempt only an End Table, whereas the master Elemenstor, Joam Furnister, created a Dresser so large and ornate that it formed the core of the Eternal Storehouse after Furnister's disapperation.


This article is drawn from material in the Fischer-Bosch German language translation.

Comments & Discussion

(Are Ambulatory Dressers like Furniliars? I always assumed they were the same thing, but maybe I've just been confused... -toshi.m)

(A quick edit cleared it up, they're just a TYPE of Furniliar, still leaves that pesky nightstand though... silly Germans -CJ)

(There are two nightstand entries, Nightstand and nightstand. I believe the former to be correct. A vain apprentice who creates an animated Nightstand will learn more about Death than Ambulatory Dressers. -jranson)

(Changed the link on this page to End Table. This is a very common mistake, as both are very similar. -Mack)

(This entire page should be deleted and reworked from scratch. The Fischer-Bosch translations are horrid manglings of the subtleties of the ELotH canon, which of course the page creator neglected to mention. Since I don't expect many of you to remember the FAQ I wrote on Fishcer-Bosch Problems back for alt.fan.elothtes and rec.arts.elothtes in 1996, you need to accept the fact that the original author of this article on Ambulatory Dressers is yet another mindless German fan who thinks because he owns a series of bad translations, he can bring something substantive to the conversation. Had the original author just shut up, we could have avoided the revisions to clarify about End Table and Furniliar. -joam)

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