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An Elemenstor Xmas: Penny Farthing's Specialist Gift

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An Elemenstor Xmas: Penny Farthing's Specialist Gift


The Wizbits, Second Christmas Special

Aired 17 December, 2000



As with the first Christmas Special, the Second consisted largely of scenes carved from un-televised Japanese episodes, mostly A Matter Of Pirates And Ninjas, an episode that had not been translated for the normal run of The Wizbits due to content that was deemed "harmful to the mental health of children, and ultimate stability of society." The original episode featured two cities ruled by children, one Pirates, the other Ninjas, at war with each other. The children overlords of these two societies took sport in the capture and execution of their enemies' adults, often by casting them into large furnaces. In the Christmas special these scenes were dubbed into a cooperative effort between the two societies to purge out the heretics, the unclean, and the "lesser races." A sequence where Phila originally rescued a man from the fires was reversed to instead make it appear as though Penny was, indeed, participating in the ritual, hence the title of the episode.



One of the few episodes not to include a moral, apparently because of it's status as Christmas Special. On the other hand, the entire episode could be called a moral. Interestingly enough, the first Christmas Special included a moral delivered by Kung Foo Rooster. Parent groups widely protested it, and this may be another reason that a moral was not included in this episode.


Cast and Crew


Written by

James Langomedes


Directed by

Brad Aviar



The parts with the Wizbits teaching scrooge about the true spirit of Christmas, then singing a carol in the Tongue of The Ancients? Priceless.

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