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An Unfamiliar Sky

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An Unfamiliar Sky (見知らぬ、青空)


Super ElamenSTAR FINAL, Episode 502

Aired 22nd July, 2000




Each of the Four Underdogs returns home, only to find their homes far different than they remembered. While it turns out nothing has really changed, each of the Four has changed so much as a person that their perspectives have changed. Each Elemenstor discovered that it's true, you can't go home again.

Elsewhere in Battal, Char Reyarteb is busy plotting the destruction of the Four Underdogs, as his disturbing visions of Aklom Reklats have not abated. Working furiously, he attempts to perfect the art of Dark Transchanting, and the episode ends with Char cackling as a horrible shadow emerges from his living room.




It turns out the shadow is a Couch, as shown in the next episode The Dirty Couch, but the foreboding silouette which appears at the end of the episode looks more like some sort of desk or table. Presumably the type of furniture was changed between the animating of these two episodes.



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