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Anti-Climax of Northeastern Crestplains

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The Anti-Climax of Northeastern Crestplains


In Book 3 of Tycho Brahe's 'Elemenstor Cycle' we are treated to an intriguing sub-plot that loosely associates with the activities of a rebellious turkey in the Crestplains. The journey of the turkey to the other end of the yard and back again, then back again, then back again, is a perfect example of Brahe "in his element" according to literary critic Charlton C. Mayze.


The Anti-Climax of Northeastern Crestplains brings this sub-plot to its end in a way that has left many readers, particularly those not familiar with the ELotH:TES universe, puzzled. The simultaneous and seemingly coincidental appearance of Nepanor the Nonchalant and The Daunting Turban takes place in the middle of a sentence following one of Brahe's famous reinventions of punctuation and grammar. The Daunting Turban leaves the rebellious turkey in a "state of elemenstral discouragement" after which Brahe devotes sixteen pages to Nepanor's collapse and subsequent asphyxiation underneath the Turban.

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