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Apothecary Dre'e

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Apothecary Dre'e

A large and well stocked apothecary (the furniture piece) originally envisioned as a side-kick of the ill-fated Ehm In'ehm character for an unfinished episode of the unaired season two of Wizbits Extreme. His Elemenstor master was poorly concieved and deemed "too out of canon" for re-use when the episode was scrapped, but the characterization of Dre'e was seen as too poignet to dismiss.


The character was instead introduced to the public as a sage, streetwise furniliar working in the nurse's ward of the Cerulean Citadel in the CG series The Adventures of Isaac and Raven, first appearing in the episode Where Once A Desert Bloomed, he ends up following the title protagonists through a magic gateway to the basement of a large and deserted shopping complex on the site of the former Unothath Desert.

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