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Arkazanthal is a powerful Ice Elemenstor known for his penchant for wearing plaid and for his weapon, the famed Ax of Alternate Spelling. He is of average height and build, with curly blond hair, freckles, and glasses. He's generally rather cheerful and energetic.


He was born in Hambitshire to a lowly peasant and his lowly peasant wife. Arkazanthal would have been satisfied with this life had Zuumont and Ekezenthal not passed through on a quest to find the Blossomwand. Arkazanthal was smitten with the pretty red-headed Elemenstor and requested that the two take him with them.


Ekezenthal began teaching him the ways of Ice Elemenstation, but when it became clear that his talent surpassed her own she refused to continue the lessons. Arkazanthal was crushed, as he really only wanted lessons in order to be with her.


He discussed his problems with Amberberry, who told him that the only way Ekezenthal would recognize him as her true love was if the Blossomwand was sundered. Arkazanthal thus snuck the wand away to Amberberry while Zuumont and Ekezenthal were sleeping.


With the Blossomwand broken, Ekezenthal realized her love for Arkazanthal and the two were wed in the most romantic scene in the entire series.


At some point it is known that Arkazanthal becomes rather finacially prosperious and builds a sizable home on the outskirts of Hambitshire, where he begins a tradition of lavish Welcome Day costume balls (where epic cheese always is served).


Arkazanthal was a founding member, and nearly the bursar, of the Elemenstor Union.

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