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Army of Elves and Allies

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The Army of Elves and Allies


It was these brave souls who finally pushed back the forces of the foul Vampyre Vhadxi during the Unlight War. The Elves, after seeing the limitations of their battle, accepted many allies to form the greatest alliance in Battal that had been seen since the times of the many other alliances formed in Battal to fight against one Dark Lord or another. The Army of Elves and Allies included:



Excerpts from The Dawn of Unlight's Setting, Part 2: Victory's Deathknell

The dark vampyre lord cackled with glee as he brought his Fell Blade down upon his enemies again and again, the sounds of their death filling his cold wretched heart with feelings of increasing power. The Elemenstors looked on, bracing themselves, waiting for him to foolishly get close enough for them to release the attack of their combined powers.


"Seriously..." said Gilbert Bumflare, "what is that guy's problem?"


And who could forget the awkward moment where S'yrf'yl the Immortal has a conversation with Ablongox the Particularly Unusually Long Lived, whom he doesn't remember.


"Generals, makers of war, gather please," said K'los in a loud voice. "Before this battle, I feel we should make known our names to one another. There are some here who have never fought shoulder-to-shoulder..."


Ablongox, pushing forward dwarvenly, cut him off, "By my beard! Here be one I know for sure," he said, clapping an armored hand on S'yrf'yl's shoulder.


There was a moment of silence, as S'yrf'yl blinked bewilderdly. Ablongox drew up to his full height, which was still shorter than the others present, and announced, "S'yrf'yl and I fought in the Dwarven Wars together, before any of you were born. Had some of those Ringaling things with him then too. You remember that, right lad?" He looked expectantly.


Another pause. Tuck Nutgather coughed.


"Sorry," S'yrf'yl offered apologetically, "I'm in a lot of wars."

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