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Army of Himssford

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Army of Himssford


An army raised in the Wildlands city of Himssford in the year -31,770 to stop the threat of Men. The army consisted of the Nevelost, decendants of the Sjkarblae, Ecreekem, decendants of Furniture, and T'seb, decendants of Kryatures. It was remarked that never in the history of Battal had such a unilaterally united force ever been put together, neither in the past nor the future.


It was obvious to all that the threat of mankind must be put down. What this threat was no one was sure, but they all knew it was very threatening. The need to put down men was compounded by the Hierarchs paying them so much attention, ranging from the creation and subsequent destruction of the Ooamp, the coming of Women Folk which most races agreed were quite attractive (lending yet another reason to destroy men), and The Final Gift of the Hierarchs, causing all the other races to be quite jealous. And so the armies of all creation minus Men gathered together to destroy the Hierarchs favored, or at least who they thought the Hierarchs favored.


Thus began The Great Crossing Whilst Looking at Scenery. During which the Army got distracted and never accomplished their mission, much to the joy of man but the sorrow of the rest of Battal.

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