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An incredibly powerful and ridiculously useful Element that has become overlooked thanks to the reputation it acquired by being losely affliated with Doodle (who wasn't even actually an Elemenstor).


Art is tied to all of the secondary Elements - Life, Death, Stream, and Carry. It is also connected to creation and most of the Sensory and Emotional Elements Sight, Sound, Touch, Joy, Sorrow, Love, and Hate.


Art Elemenstation has two facets. Firstly, the Art Elemenstor has the ability to invoke strong emotions from whoever experiences their work. Which can leave viewers in a state of pure captivated awe, fear, or any other emotion.


Secondly, the Artist can essentially turn any of their own personal works of Art into reality, Transchanting it, at least temporarily.


This would make a truly great Art Elemenstor the most powerful thing in the known universe. However, there is a catch - the Art Elemenstor's powers are only as good as their artistic talent. A work of art poorly done, but brought to life, will soon fade away into nothing and invoke little emotion. Of course, since "good art" is entirely subjective, this makes Art Elemanifestation entirely unpredictable and dangerous.


Because the combination of the Knack and truly great artistic vision is so rare, there have been very few powerful Art Elemenstors - and even the few good ones have been panned by the critics.

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