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The AstroVixens (also known as Space Vixens) are a tribe of amazons that, ironically, have advanced technological capabilities. Arriving from their planet, they quickly overwhelmed the simple people of Battal through a combination of their savagery, their space machinery, and wiles. They constructed a large fortress entirely out of chrome, mounting flashing lights in every crevice. The locals referred to it as MrAklooli in Plaincommon, which roughly translates to a complaint, followed by a desire to maim.


Public opinion of the Space Vixens ranged from describing them as "fly honies" to "home-wrecking hussies", but it was widely accepted that they were tyrannical. After ruling Battal for a decade, they (as any technologically advance people would) grew bored. They decided to leave, but were hesitant to reduce the reach of their empire. In the end, it was decided that they would leave caretakers in their stead.


They chose the least entertaining of the animals they brought to Battal, Space Poultry. This began The Poultocracy Sub-Period.


Their tale is told in the higly criticized fanfic Reign of the Astrovixens.

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