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Page history last edited by K 1 year, 10 months ago
This page is a profile for a hopeless dork.
It doesn't really have much do to with the rest of the wiki, other than be a place for this contributor to put their stuff.
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First off, I have to thank Tim, who does a great job on this wiki and whom I have collaborated with on several pages, and the same goes for Simon, Jute Mill, and TychoCelchuuu):


I'm not even going to try to make a list of things I've contributed anymore because I forget all of them. Instead, I'll just feature something I'm working on at the moment. My major undertaking is going to be source-referencing links in the wiki to the ElemenstorLance novels. And yeah, I know that nobody else wanted to do this because there are so many freakin' books, but please don't let that stop you from helping link to the books, fill out entries, and add the novels that I've forgotten. Thanks... and please help!


Ten or so pages of which I'm particularly proud:



I noticed that you removed the "stance on partial birth abortions" section from each of battal's religions. I've restored them as I feel they add to the wiki and re-removing them will be simpler then re-restoring them in the future. If you have objections I'm more then willing to discuss removing them. - Quizatzhaderac
Removed them because their presence was a) moronic, b) not funny, and c) sourced neither in canon nor fanfic. But hey, I'm not a moderator so whatever. ~a.
It was never my intention to belittle you. If I wanted to abuse my power as moderator I would have locked the pages. I asked your opinion because I seriously wanted to hear it. -Q




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at 5:50 am on Jun 14, 2007

welcome back!

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