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Formed from the Vale of Eir after the Darkstorm and consinsting of most of the eastern region of Battal, including southern Terle, this ancient and mysterious kingdom was said to be greatly powerful and muchly advanced, with wise kings, powerful item guilds, and near limitless wealth.


To a modern resident of Battal, little is truly known about the kingdom since few relics exist from this era, and almost no written record. The sunken artifacts that have been recovered hint at a different and terrible form of life that was native to the area and the violent conflict that hastened their disappearance, christened "The Flatwars". Tales of this age have been fictionalized, appearing initially in the British fanzine "Spooning".


It is known that conflicts between Atlantistantinople and Lavatoria arose and that the Ornamental Dishwashing Liquid played a role in the conflict.


During this early time, the level of the eastern sea known as the Ennumerable Sea was much lower. As a result the eastern lands of Battal were much greater than they are today. It is estimated that Battal itself was perhaps 1/3 larger than it is today, and the Sickle was merely a high plateau in these lands.


A kingdom of Catapultans was on the eastern shore.


It is believed that Atlantistinople was once called "Atlantistanbul", although there's no evidence whatsoever for this.


The sunken ruins of Atlantistantinople were later claimed by the Shushipodians and modified into one of their major capital cities.

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