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Atlas to the Elmether

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The Atlas to the Elmether


A complete and comprehensive handbook of the Planes, written by Verdant Anuerism. Like most of Verdant's life, it now exists only in the loop which is his own personal experience, vis a vis timesorc'ley. What we can gather from Immortal Wanderings Book 4 is that:


  • The book was extremely useful in navigating the extremely, epicly dangerous planes of existance.
  • The book contained a comprehensive and scientific description of the Elmether, and how the SoJ was manifest.
  • The book was full of planeist jokes.


Excerpt From Pen and Plane (ElemenstorLance: Immortal Wanderings Book 4):


"Damnit, I need to finish these jokes before noon time, or my life gets erased and I have to start all over again," huskily sighed the Elemenstor.


At that moment, a knock on the door! And then silence.


"Damnit," he breathed, "could my life get any longer?"

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