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The tiny moutain republic of roughly 90 square miles situated in the peninsular part of The Smoos in The Sickle known as Westrenn Stick. Au-chee was founded in year 13,535 (TU), by the crew of Ye Goode Ship Sicklepop, sailing out of BashRock, which was wrecked against Westrenn Stick while trying to navigate the trecherous waters of Vadime Bay. The boat was filled with families of refugees hoping to escape the bloody battles of The Great War Of The Warlords.


Established as a republic ruled by a Senate of elected officials, the kingdom prospered as well as can be expected and built a fine capital, and a large rotunda for the senate's meeting place. And so a tradition of peace and humble prosperity was extended down through the generations.


It was not until Au-chee's favorite son, Gordei Mironov returned as a decorated hero that things changed. In year 16,679 (TU), Mironov was elected Chancellor. Two years later he had taken control of the senate by replacing all of the elected officials with soldiers and officers loyal to him. The good people of Au-chee were proud and noble though. Town lore of the survival of the tumultuous storm and catastrophic ship wreck of their forefathers loomed large in their psyche. Soon bands of rebels met and formed plans. In rapid succession there were several well organized coups, all of which were put down by the government and there was much bloodshed. Within three years Mironov had survived seven coups and fourteen assassination attempts. He declared himself King Mea-Nie (the First). By this time the population of Au-chee had been reduced to a mere 100 members of the populace. These citizens were kept in line by the 150 soldiers which made up the government.


Then the new king turned his gaze to the equally mountainous (although far more wealthy) Republic of Boysenrasp.

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