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Aunty Notsobryte

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Aunty Notsobryte

A merchant-class woman who lived some time just before the year 500. She is an ancillary character in the canon educational children's tale entitled Mebbidiah and the Parts of a Sentance. Little is explicitly stated about her other than a few details but more can be presumed based on what is known of the period, such as the fact that she probably was a resident of the western outskirts Middleclang given that she often wandered from home and became lost and one of her journeys took her to Nrorldrigarard National Park (by way of the Dragonapple wine cellars of King Ronard.


The poor woman finds herself frightened and alone in Dungeon Nrorldrigarard, where few have ventured to tread, and having enough sense to be frightened picks a weapon, the Dagger of Nrorldrigar, from a nearby corpse.


How her adventure ended is not clear but the weapon came out of the dungeon with her and was added to her estate. Upon her death the dagger was willed to Jebbidiah Mebbidiah of Northern Crag. One can presume that Notsobryte would have travelled with her husband to this trading town on business, and perhaps passed this boy in the market place and remembered him.

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