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Availability of the series is rather variable, print runs varied considerably based on the sales of the previous book.


Most of the titles are available used from book stores or online sites. The later titles are still available new from book stores.


Prices vary considerably depending on binding, age and wear.



Published works and availability



Book 1: The Fires of Mount Windice (Colloquially, A New Franchise)

Book 1


Generally available in paperback, the sales of the first book were good and several print runs were made.


Particularly of interest is the first hard back print run, which has a small beetle shaped object on page 143.

Although initally thought to be a printing error, this was later found to be deliberately placed there by the author.

Unfortunately this was only realized after the majority of the print run had been pulped. Copies of this print run are now collectors editions and can go for considerable amounts of money.



See also the notes (Book 1) about changes that were made to the edition that was released after the release of Book 13. Substantial changes were made to the content and these later copies are generally sold at a discount against earlier copies which are considered to be more authentic by collectors.


Book 2: Dawn of the Dark Shadows (Colloquially, The Elemenstors Strike Back)

Book 2


This book was actually printed after Book 3 and both hard back and paper back print runs were large thanks to pent up demand for the details that were previously unavailable.


Book 3: The Rubion Sword

Book 3


Released in 1997. Originally only 950 copies of this book were printed in hard back, due to a misplaced decimal point, so hard back copies are rare and expensive.


The paperback run on the other hand was large, so copies are widely available.


Note the extensive appendices which cover the story contained in Book 2, which was of course published after this title.


Book 4: Curse of the Doombane

Book 4


Critically unsucessful, relatively few copies were ordered by book shops.


Copies of this book can still be found for somewhat inflated prices at most used book retailers and are a must have for most ELotH:TES fans. see Book 4


Book 5: The Underpants of the Underdeep

Book 5

Perhaps one of the best selling titles in the series, reaching number 48 on the NYT best sellers list.


Widely available in both paperback and hardback, prices are relatively low.


Book 6: Nightstand|Nightstand's Peril

Book 6

Widely available, but look out for poor glue bindings in some paperback copies.


Book 7: The Trial at Elddim's Peak

Book 7

Thanks to the printer's error (see Book 7), this book experienced considerable success with buyers in chain book stores looking for a new fantasy series although a number of copies were destroyed.


Original copies of the first printing, complete with the "chicken and egg" cover are now quite valuable.


Book 8: The Archmagi of Eldersbane

Book 8

Released in 1999. Generally available, but as with book 6 look out for poor glue and shoddy printing on some copies.


Book 9: Rise of the Rhjajyept

Book 9

Released in 1999. Relatively few hard back copies were printed after advanced reader copies were circulated to buyers, the results of which were not positive, however a second paper back print run was ordered after sales proved higher than expected.


Relatively widely available in paperback, but not in hard back.



Book 10: The Hierarch Wars Begin (Colloquially, Elemenstors Gone Wild, Vol. I)

Book 10

Available in hard back only as part of a trilogy in leather binding with gold trim. Expensive and difficult to find. Released in 2001


The paperback copies are more readily available.


Noted for being the first of the series available as an ebook.

However excessively restrictive rights management including the requirement to submit DNA prior to purchase led to slow sales in electronic form.




Book 11: The Hierarch Wars Continue (Colloquially, Elemenstors Gone Wild, Vol. II)

Book 11

Available in hard back only as part of a trilogy in leather binding with gold trim. Expensive and difficult to find.

Released in 2001


Reasonably available in paperback



Book 12: End of the Hierarch Wars (Colloquially, Elemenstors: Spring Break '2,167) *

Book 12

Available in hard back only as part of a trilogy in leather binding with gold trim. Expensive and difficult to find. Released in 2001


Widely available in book stores in paper back.



Book 13: Glaivemistress(es) of Arvalyyon (Colloquially, Was He Drunk Or What?)

Book 13

Released in 2002 Book 13 probably sold fewer copies than any other after a limited print run and a release limited to specialized outlets. While the cover of the first edition says "Glaivemistress," later editions pluralize the title (Glaivemistresses), in accordance with Brahe's original manuscript, despite the fact that the book only contains one Glaivemistress.


Some copies are still available.





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