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Axe of Berserkeration

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Axe of Berserkeration

The wielder of this weapon is immediately whipped into a frenzy for which there is no stopping until his or her heart gives out. It's about 4 ElemenTrics long, and as it has been passed on down the years from victim to victim, the blade has become more and more blunted, finally resembling a hammer. Often times, the blade/head of the weapon will fall off, but that doesn't mean the enchantment is over; oh no, the wielder continues on in a frenzy with nothing more than the handle portion of the weapon. A low kick, projectile, magic spell, or other means might possibly stop the assailant; however, it's usually best to run away as the weapon is so heavy that its user is limited to only half of his or her full jumping potential.


Ironically, the Axe of Berserkeration was designed as an Axe of Good Tidings and Love by the Elemenstor who designed it. Upon giving it to his girlfriend, she was posessed by a great and boundless rage and, well, destroyed him ruthlessly. Coming to her senses later, she decided to gift the axe to her cousin, who would like it better, and was immediately destroyed by her own cousin. This is how the Axe of Good Tidings passed down its first eighteen wielders; each time it killed, the killings got more and more vicious until it has reached its current Epically angry state.

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