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The Axe-Heavers Clan

Also See: Great High General Warchieftain F'KrUK. the Higgerath. The Siege of Arkleaf


Standing at the head of a trio of War Men clans known as the Axe-Men of War, this powerful and feared clan is lead by the Great High General Warchieftain F'KrUK. The clan believes that the "Bigger the axe the more Epic the destruction*" and they have certainly proven themselves a destructive force on the many Battlefields of Battal.


Crushing Blows


The clan prefers to deliver a more cultured, precise kind of mayhem on the field of battle. Of course cultured in War Men's terms simply means killing anything that moves in a coordinated, organised way rather than simply killing anything that moves in any old fashion.


Skullwedge, Great Heft Axe


A mighty weapon second only in sheer mass to Rockbone, Great Thunderaxe of Rock-Hitting. The axe is so huge that while one of its swings can smash a wagon clean in two it is often true that the wielder is afforded only that one swing before faster, smaller axes can cut him down. Therefore judicious selection of targets and a certain combination of strength, stamina and timing is required to use it effectively more than once.


A Rough Chronology of the Clan


  • Many great years of cultured mayhem and destruction
  • 17,919 - Elevated to their current standing when their Warchief F'KrUK assumes the Great High General Warchieftain position.
  • Enjoy bashing heads with cultured authority
  • 17,921 - Decide that they should lead the Axe-Men of War
  • 17,923 - Represent at the Higgerath
  • 17,952 - Provide a diversion for Gak and his Trench-Diggers
  • In the same year suppress giggles when Gak's tunnel collapses


* A literal translation from War-Tongue is much less eloquent.

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