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Bag of Random Fun

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Bag of Random Fun


Thee Bag of Random fun is an enchanted brown hemp bag about the size of a man's fist. It can be opened twice a year on the Dariuan holiday of Festivus when the apropriate celestial alignment occurs. Each person can pull one item from the bag each Festivus and the bag never empties. The contents of the bag are entirely random except for one rule: they are fun to whomever pulls them. There is even a rumor that one lucky man once pulled a wench from the bag.


A bag of random fun is an ordinary bag filled fun party favors, trinkets, and other small gifts that is filled by a gracious host before a Festivus party. The reason for a bag of random fun is that unfortunately most people can't make their way to the Mysterwoods of the Northern Vale to celebrate Festivus with the Nevelost.

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