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Balls of Steel

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Balls of Steel


When you have to fend off multiple enemies in a large open area, having Balls of Steel helps a lot. This somewhat complicated Earth spell creates a number of fist-sized steel balls and sets them spinning at great speed around the caster. Anyone approaching him is likely to suffer one or more painful and potentially lethal impacts with the balls.


This impressive spell has some major drawbacks. First of all, the balls can hit nearby trees, walls, or innocent bystanders, sometimes bouncing off such surfaces and inflicting more damage elsewhere. And should the caster lose concentration for some reason, the orbits of the balls may become unstable, causing them to hit each other and/or fly off in random directions and/or hit the caster. Under such adverse conditions you need Balls of Steel to even consider fighting.


One evocation that can help is the famed Ball Locks, although many Elemenstors find that swinging their Ball Locks of Steel around for any length of time takes far more stamina than anyone would believe at first glance.

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