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Bargon IV

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Bargon IV


Although Bargon IV used the same alphabet as Dwarvekian, the two are very different languages, particularly in pronunciation styles.


Whereas Dwarvekian is written in a lilting, sibilant style and pronounced with a thick, guttural accent, Bargon IV is written in a manner that's rich with velar fricatives and other throaty sounds, while at the same time spoken in the smoothest and lyrical style possible.


Samples of Bargon IV:

(x represents a velar fricative, the sound represented by ch in German 'Ach!')


"Ak'xux gormuken!" - 'I implore thee to halt'

"Graktuch mak! Xuchgorg ut xalach!" - 'If it's war they desire, then we shall have to return to the bargaining table'



Bargon IV is pronounced Sudkon (meaning "common") Vuf (meaning "language").

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