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Baroness Sekulantra

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Baroness Sekulantra


The fabulous Baroness Sekulantra, renowned for her spectacular hairdos, started her career as a damsel in distress. After being rather coincidentally rescued from distress by Guddboy Lad, she joins forces with the Elemenstors and gathers an army to help fight Char Reyarteb at the Battle of Freedom's Peril. Early on in that battle, however, the Elemenstor Zuumont, ablaze with the flames of his unbridled wrath, ends up setting Sekulantra's hair on fire. The Baroness deftly extinguishes her flaming hair with her cloak, only to fall victim to the perils of wearing high heels in mountainous environments as she slips and involuntarily dives down the highest waterfall in Battal.

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