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Barrenlands Charter

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The Barrenlands Charter




The Barrenlands Charter was signed in 15,555 by Kundo Maaa in his fortress on top of Mt Savage Wang. The charter granted the War Men a surface territory in the Desolate Plains on the Sickle in exchange for Kundo Maa not creating his new season called "Frumper" using the Pendant of Many Seasons. The Charter was carried in Zuchar's Messenger Bag, specifically crafted for the Charter, by none other than Zuchar, Captain of the Guard for William the Straight of Alfafanar.


This historic Charter had many effects on the Sickle's future. The principle one being that Alfafanar, under the guidance of William the Straight, made a killing in selling weapons and War Men insurance to neighboring kingdoms who were afraid of the War Men threat. Also Alfafanar wasn't picky about who they sold too as they also sold weapons to the War Men of much higher quality than the War Men usually had and at exorbitant prices (the War Men really liked the new shinier Axes). This further solidified Alfafanar's economic dominance and caused the War Men to even sell themselves in to slavery (or other War Men) in order to get their hands on the latest greatest Axe. This wholesale bankrupting of the War Men is thought to be a leading cause of the disappearance of Kundo Maaa (who had given an IOU to Alfafanar to pay for an Axe for which the collection agency and lawyers of Alfafanar were hassling him).


The Charter, which is below, has been used as an archetype for charters and treaties since its inception.


The Charter


"We, the weak, cowardly, dull of Axe, kingdoms of the Sickle, do here by grant the glorious, powerful, epic, sharp of Axe, War Men of Kundo Maaa the lands of the Desolate Plains to do with as they please for all eternity.


In return the great, powerful, owner of the most epic Axe, Kundo Maaa will be so kind as to not create the new season of Frumper using the Pendant of Many Seasons. Although we are sure that it would be a splendid season, we just like the seasons as they are, as we are sure the most mighty and powerful Kundo Maaa does, not to think for him in any way, shape or form with our puny minds.


Signed in 15,555 by:


William the Straight of the Kingdom of Alfafanar and representative of the Kingdoms of the Sickle

Kundo Maaa Leader of the War Men"

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