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Along the eastern coast in The Kingdom of Parsonya lies a busy port city known as BashRock. Of such great importance was Bashrock to the communications of the realm, and getting imported supplies to the city of DragonBone that a long fortified road, called simply The Long Road was constructed connecting the two cities.


Last known sighting of Ship of Dreams was in the port.


Naval History and Trade

Before the sundering, the port was on a natural harbor, and a great fleet of private vessels were berthed here. All vessels were lost in the great tidal flux that immediately follow the sundering. All vessels save the Ship of Dreams. Soon the fleet of commerce ships was rebuilt and it was discovered that new trade routes had opened, northern ports that had required sailing around The Sickle were now exposed and great cargo ships were built to send exports north and return with wares from exotic northern lands such as Terle.


So commerce continued thusly until the unsundering, which actually greatly extended the distance required to travel north, and again the shipping fleet was lost in catastrophic tidal events caused by the unsundering. Trade was established once again to the south and west, sending ships down around the Horn of Sweet and Salty (so called because it is where the sweet sea of the west meets the salty sea of the east), the southern outcropping where sits The Clockwork Fortress, once called Blackest Minathok.


In the resundering, BashRock, whose name was strangely appropriate because all the ships were bashed against the rocky coast (even though this is not the origin of the name), found itself sitting along a wide river and again trade to the north, and now also for the first time, both coasts of The Sickle. At the same time, a great work was started to build the Ronard Bridge to The Sickle. This mighty bridge, tall enough at points that the mightiest of sailing ship's masts may pass under it, was considered a wonder of the southern world.

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Ahh TY!! I knew I had remembered some connection between BashRock and [Ship of Dreams] but could not remember it all

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