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Battal LARPing Guild

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Battal LARPing Guild


A group of dedicated ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG fans who engage in Live Action Role Play. Live Action Role Play is essentially a more pathetic, sad, and lonely version of Pen and Paper Roleplay in which the participants dress up in elaborately terrible costumes and act out their little adventure using props made of paper mache. The only saving grace of the whole thing is that at least they're getting some exercise.


The Battal LARPing Guild was founded in 1996, and has eight sub-groups throughout North America. Attempts to found branches in Japan resulted in some very strange live-action porn being made, and attempts to found a branch in Europe was met with derisve, snooty, accented laughter.


Generally speaking, amongst the fandom, the only club or organization regarded with less respect are the Furnies.

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