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Battle of Blackshadow Skullspire

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The Battle of Blackshadow Skullspire


This was the final confrontation between the Wizbits and their heinous opponent Char Reyarteb in the Wizbits Cartoon, as depicted in the episode The Sickle and the Sword. In most other literature the final confrontation is known as the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom.


Critical Events


The battle was drawn out, even by the standards of a Wizbits episode. The young Elemenstors summoned no fewer than 1278 of their magical companions in their epic battle, the full compliment of the marketing might given to the show. The battle stretched over 10 episodes.


While their magical efforts certainly tested Char's abilities, they showed no signs of slowing him. Indeed, it seemed that the four young Elemenstors would be wiped from the Earth. At their darkest moment, the smug Dark Elemenstor offered the Wizbits a place at his side. For a few moments some of the Elemenstors seemed to be about to fold -- but the voice of the Ocumen -- the reemerged soul of the long-departed Harbinger Portent -- offered them inspiration.


In a final move, the young Elemenstors used the combined power of all of their companions along with that of the Ocumen. Their determination and friendship melted down the Elemenstations of Char, shattering Siezor and obliterating Char.


The end of the episode (really, nearly the entire final episode of the arc) featured an extended 'celebration scene', involving an intricate dance of many peoples from around the Shield and Sickle, the first broadcast of which "just happened" to coincide with the release of an entirely new line of toys which were featured in this celebration scene.



WizbitsJunkie The 10 episodes mentioned here are from wizbits season 3b (0313-0323) that were created specifically by the US production company. They are of course the most completely out of canon episodes, but quite impressive none the less. These created most of the fan's memorable char reyarteb moments and essentially framed most of the mainstream western world's conception of the wizbits and this era (reference: http://www.penny-arcade.com/2005/11/14 ). Seems like a glaring omission that this is the only page where these episodes are mentioned.
  Well, those episodes were a complete departure from the original material--Tomono Shuuan was almost as crazy as James Langomedes, but even he knew that the Wizbits couldn't defeat MooMaa until they reached adulthood. The episodes you mention have the Wizbits beat MooMaa and Char as children, and to my knowledge they only aired one time, snuck in under a different name (wasn't it "Elemenstor Adventures" or something like that?) because the taint of James Langomedes (and the too-frighteningly-mature Japanese source material) had driven every possible sponsor away from the Wizbits license.


But in this era of DVD releases, who knows? If you have them, throw up some synopsis for us.


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