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Battle of Fallen Knobs and Elemenstation A-Plenty

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Battle of Fallen Knobs and Elemenstation A-Plenty


The penultimate battle in Book 12 and the last significant victory of Char Reyarteb, when masses, millions and fucking gajilions of Elemenstors clashed in an Epic duel of high magick and high Epic. Words can't describe the awesomness that was this battle* , which included marches of Furniliars, epic gears sending enemies to Underhell, Elemental Wombats, Shatterfrags, and High and Dark Elemenstation clashing.




After Battle of the Towers of Elemenstation Power most Elemenstors were, quite naturally, annoyed. They respectively joined the forces of Goodness and Evilness, and began the valiant struggle. Zuumont took the command of the forces of Good, though command was not really necessary - just pointing and saying: 'strike gears there.' Zuumont retreated early, just to regroup.


Then... let us just say that if this was a movie, 60% of the special effect budget would be spent on 34 minutes of staggering Elemental creations. Millions of Furniliars died, as did a lot of both high and dark elemenstors. Due to this brilliant diversion of Char Reyarteb's attention, Zuumont and his companions were able to attack a numerous, yet mostly Elemenstor-free army transporting Char Reyarteb to the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow.


*Except, of course the words of Tycho Brahe. Duh.

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