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Battle of Furniliar Shards

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Battle of Furniliar Shards


In the Battle of Splinters, Toran had managed to learn the ancient esoteric art of Re-furnilisation, which had been long sensoared by the High Elemenstation authorities, and in the desparation of the battle, decided he had nothing to lose by using it.


So when he arrived too late to the Battle of Windfield Plains, he decided that, having won one battle through Re-furnilisation, he could do it again! Resurrecting Montgomery Sofa and Juliette Floor Lamp (the R2-D2 and C-3PO of the series), among others, Toran prepares for the scheduled arrival of Kapybara.


While Kapybara was scheduled to appear, she inexplicably exploded at the unscheduled Battle of The Very, Very, Very, Very Arcane Northern Realms. So while they're waiting for her appearance, re-furnilisation sickness overtakes many of the deceased furniliars and a battle begins, with many furniliars indiscriminately attacking the first thing they see... meaning, for the most part, each other.


A group of Dark Elemenstors (dispatched initially to take part in the Battle of Fallen Knobs and Elemenstation A-Plenty) comes upon the "battle" and can't figure out what is going on. Seeing only large piles of smashed wood, sawdust, and semi-mobile furniture in varying states of destruction duking it out, the Dark Elemenstors use the materials at hand to raise a host of The Infurnal.


While this battle might be considered Epic, it was without a doubt the least bloody of the Seventeen Final Battles of Book 12. It also loses some of its Epic power when one realizes that this battle consisted of a field of smashed Furniliars being reconstituted through various means only to smash one another to pieces all over again... resulting in a net gain (or loss) of exactly zero on either side of the war.

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