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Battle of Splinters

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The Battle of Splinters


A dark figure stood ominously before the band of Elemenstors. The figure shimmied right and left, an ambulator cupboard obviously, but one unknown to Talvin who stepped forward. It was not until a cloud of bat-mice suddenly burst forth from a top cabinet that his suspicions were confirmed. "Cubby?" He asked tentatively.


- The Elemenstor Cycle, Book 12 : End of the Hierarch Wars


The fifth of the seventeen final battles that ended the Hierarch Wars. Noted for the resurrection of Cubby, and the fact that so many furniliars were destroyed that it was impossible to walk barefoot across the battlefield afterwards and not get a mean splinter in your foot.


After their stinging defeat at the first of the final seventeen battles of the Hierarch Wars - the Battle of the Moonlit Banners - the forces of good had achieved one victory (the Battle of Mort), several indecisive showdowns, and one battle that nobody was even sure really happened (The Battle of The Six Undoings and Five Redoings). At the Battle of Splinters, though, another indisputable decisive victory was achieved by the forces of good...although obviously not decisive enough since 12 more final battles still remained to be fought.


As usual, the battle went poorly for the forces of good at first, and it appeared that Char Reyarteb's forces, led by the terrible Ambulatator, were going to break through the Elemenstor line. It was only through the desparate actions of a young upstart Elemenstor named Toran that victory was won.


Somehow, Toran had managed to learn the ancient esoteric art of Re-furnilisation, which had been long sensoared by the High Elemenstation authorities, and in the desparation of the battle, decided he had nothing to lose by using it. He therefore resurrected the remains of Cubby the Cupboard, which he had acquired through a local antique dealer. Cubby, having been dormant for many years, was suffering from terrible re-furnilisation sickness upon being resurrected, and immediately went berzerk, attacking and destroying the first thing he saw. Luckily the first thing he saw was The Ambulatator. These actions later caused the Elemenstation authorities to reevaluate their stance on Re-furnilisation after the battle, and consequently approve its use under certain circumstances.


How Toran actually came into possession of the remains of Cubby in the first place is not entirely clear, and a source of some debate. What we do know is that Cubby was destroyed in Book 6 saving Felthar and Serafina Haberdasheron from the terrible Nightstand unleashed by Gorg Stinkrot. After that, we know simply that Cubby's remains were reconstituted by a carpenter at some point, and that he then ended up being purchased and sold amongst antique-collecting old people for many years before finally coming into the possession of Toran prior to the start of Book 12.


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