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Battle of the Bands of Hardahrock

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The Battle of the Bands of Hardahrock


This battle takes place in the Dead Lands near the bleakly ominous Hardahrock. With the Cult of Absinth making an unexpected appearance here fighting against the forces of Char Reyarteb.


This battle was fought not with music as the name might suggest, but with The Bands of Heischar. It is not covered in as much detail as the rest of the Seventeen Battles, owing to the fact that very few important characters appeared in it. It is remarkable because this battle serves to tie up the subplots introduced with the creation of the Bands of Heischar.


The forces of Char Reyarteb, finding support in Elemenstor of Light Ray Charebet (quickly revealed to be Char Reyarteb himself) soundly defeat the forces of the Cult, and destroy the remaining Bands before their other opponents can find a use for them.


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