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Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom

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Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom





The Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom is the ultimate epic battle between the Four Underdogs and Char Reyarteb which would bring an end to Char's millenium long reign of terror. While this was not the final, superultimate defeat of Char it is the first one and the most devestating to Char. After this battle Char would not arise again to the level of power he had obtained during the Century of Fire nor would he possess the Starborn Gem. While he would threaten Battal again during the Hierarch Wars, he would be defeated at the Battle of Freedom's Peril by Ronard the Medium. The defeat at the Battle of Freedom's Peril could not have happened had it not been for Char's power being broken at the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom.






In the Savage Barrenlands the Four Underdogs, following their destiny and Aklom Reklats, came upon the stronghold of Char Reyarteb who had held sway over Battal for over 1000 years. Using their epic gears they blow down the outer walls of the stronghold and begin to cut a swath through the War Men attempting to reach Char's seat of power. As the Underdogs blew through the outer defenses of his stronghold, Char was sitting down to eat dinner and as he heard the commotion outside he knew that the Underdogs had come. He quickly stood up from his seat and stepped forward, in the process stepping on the head of A Chicken. How the head of A Chicken got there no one is quite sure, some believe that it was a trap of the War Men to off their evil overlord, some say it was planted by the Ocumen. Most, however, agree that it was probably because War Men are not the cleanest nor the brightest bunch and Char was having roasted chicken for dinner and his chef was sloppy and grabbed A Chicken on accident and then sloppily prepared it. Regardless the head exploded in a catastrophic and epic shockwave blowing apart the tower that Char was in, and coincidentally destroying all of his magical war machines.


The Four Underdogs saw the tower explode and saw Char come out of the explosion and were terrified because they mistakenly attributed the explosion to Char. They saw him fly down out of the tower and hover above them. Then he said his famous words before he joined into battle:


I knew that you would come to stop me. FOOLS! Destiny has no hold over me because I have this! --The Underdogs of Rubian


He then brought down Siezor capped with the Starborn Gem on to the Four Underdogs. The ground exploded around the Underdogs and it appeared that they were finished but then a light surrounded them and a voice sounded out:


You still have much to learn, my student. Quickly my young heroes I will deal with the Gem, you deal with Char! --The Underdogs of Rubian


As the Ocumen contained the power of the Gem the Underdogs entered an all out fight with Char. Gears were flung left and right, whole swaths of War Men were killed in the magical backlash. Char was still powerful though even without the Gem and the Underdogs looked like they may lose the battle. Then in an instant Aklom realized what needed to be done. He told the Four to direct their power at the Starborn Gem for Char had bound his very being into it. The Four did as Aklom asked and Aklom added his own power to theirs. The power of the four Primary Elements plus the power of Aklom Reklats surged into the Gem purging it of Char's spirit and irreparably damaging the Gem. The Ocumen then channeled the energies back down the spiritual conduit between Char and Gem. Char screamed in pain as the combined powers surged through his being. Light broke through his skin and his flesh desolved. Finally he disintigrated to nothing but not with out screaming his final words:




With that Char was gone and Battal was saved.




The Four Underdogs, having defeated Char and his armies, go on to found the Cerulean Citadel initiating The Rise Of The Elemenstors. Char's armies would later join up with The Twelve Scourges of Battal to fight in the Great Elemenstation War. Char, as mentioned before would be resurrected as he promised and start the Hierarch Wars. The Ocumen would help the forces of good in the Hierarch Wars to defeat Char again. Aklom Reklats would be later sent into a mortal shell without any memories.



Many interpretations have arisen as to the destruction of Char by the Underdogs. Perhaps the most widely known is the version portrayed by ElamenSTAR (see: The Day Battal Stood Still) and the The Wizbits Cartoon (see: The Sickle and the Sword, Battle of Blackshadow Skullspire) which do not contain this version of the tale. The Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom in fact was first related in detail by Tycho Brahe in Book 4. The Elemenstor Radio Dramas also cover this event in the last episode. Finally the ElemenstorLance novel, The Underdogs of Rubian, and the Epic Legends of the Four Underdogs comic book also covers this battle in detail. The version of the battle on this page is the version of events put in to the normal timeline after The Shortest Millennium.

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