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Battle of the Towers of Elemenstation Power

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Battle of the Towers of Elemenstation Power


Set after the Battle of the Bands of Hardahrock and before the Battle of Fallen Knobs and Elemenstation A-Plenty, this Battle was the fifteenth battle of the seventeen final battles. Concentrated chiefly in the Tower of Power, this battle eventually encompassed almost all of the Epic towers of Battal that existed at that time (and a few that would only exist later, due to some timesorc'ley). The battle began when Larrana Modpeer and Revolp Darkblood ascended the tower in order to gain an upper hand on Char Reyarteb and possibly defeat him. It is unclear what their specific objective was, but the Epicness with the Tower of Power would surely have been enough to do all sorts of Epic stuff.


Unknown to the two Elemenstors, Char Reyarteb had gotten word of their efforts, and mounted an ambush for them in the long, long steps leading to the top of the Tower of Power. Knowing that they may escape certain death, as they had time and time again, Reyarteb ordered his lieutenants to block all methods of escape. This was rather overzealously interpreted to mean that they were to block every possible escape method, no matter how unlikely. Most of these were rather easy (preparations were made, for example, that would allow the forces of evil to combat any llamas that would attempt to rescue the Elemenstors in the event that they were imprisoned in a cage of carrots), but by far the most onerous undertaking was the steps that were undergone in order to prevent teleportation. Unnerved at the possibility of the duo simply disappearing from their grasp, the forces of Reyarteb placed mighty, complex, overwrought, and deliciously evil enchantments upon the tower, designed to restrict teleportation to only a few locations. These locations were designated magic nexuses: other powerful towers of Battal.


Evil, of course, often overlooks simple things. Upon discovering the gigantic ambush waiting for them (the preparations undergone had transformed the Tower of Power into a veritable fortress of evil, completely betraying the ambush), Larrana and Revolp retreated to gather forces. They assumed the tower must be an important location, and that assaulting it would help to bring the war to an end. Why else would Reyarteb concentrate so many resources on it? Returning with a modest but determinedly powerful army formed mostly of unimportant heroes, Larrana and Revolp led an amazing assault upon the tower. Coincidentally, their battle strategy consisted of teleporting in reinforcements to gain the element of surprise. Of course, this led to the forces of good being scattered all across all sorts of towers everywhere in Battal, where contingents of evil were waiting for them. The battles soon spread to just about every tower that had even a smidge of Epicness within it. As the day drew to a close, Reyarteb's forces had ceded all towers but the Tower of Power, and were making a desperate last stand.


Larrana and Revolp gathered up their few remaining forces for the final, Epic, really cool assault, set against the setting of a blood red sun. In one of the most hard-fought battles of the entire war, hundreds upon hundreds of beings from both sides lost their lives. Finally, Larrana and Revolp stood within evil's temporary inner sanctum (set up hastily in the tower for the ambush), and watched as the remnants of their forces mopped up what was left of the bad guys. With tears in her eyes, Larrana recounted the day's events, the bitter fighting that she and Revolp had endured, and talked about how she could no longer deny her feelings for him: she believed they were meant to be together, forever, and the horrors of war convinced her that the power of love was all the more necessary to the world. Revolp was stunned; he stepped backwards and inadvertently triggered a pressure plate, sending a large pike directly through his chest. The pike stopped inches from Larrana's face, Revolp's mutilated heart impaled upon the end, freed from the tangled remains of his chest.


Larrana wasn't the same after that. The battle was a success though. Lotsa dead people. Made for good publicity. "Remember the Battle of the Towers of Elemenstation Power" was a rallying cry for a while.


After that the cry was shortened to "Remember the Towers of Elemenstation Power!"


Soon after, the cry was shortened again to "Remember the TowElPo!"


This stuck for a little while because it was catchy, but it wasn't long after that when people had indeed forgotten what TowElPo meant, and the phrase fell out of common usage.

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