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A Battlestaff is described in Book 1 of The Elemenstor Cycle as being "...on the whole, 3 naughts in length, with a diameter of two knucklebones." (Brahe;1 48) Composed of a material known as elendendium, which is nearly indestructible and is harvested from the Forests of Misery, these staffs, in theory, are used to channel eldritch forces and command the power of gods. In practice, however, they are used in a similar manner to any other quarterstaff--that is to say, for hitting small children and baby seals, as well as leaning upon and holding in powerful-looking poses. A compendium of famous battlestaff-related poses can be found in the second volume of Kinlo's vastly underrated "Weapons and Tactics of the Cohoris."


The discipline of the battlestaff as a weapon was first codified by the Cohoris who developed the martial art known as Enil-setholc.


It is considered unfortunate that "battlestaff" is also used as a mild pejorative within Alfafanar.


Elemenstors have to recharge their battlestaffs daily. They don't do it too much, as it can make you go blind.


Upon reaching the rank of High Elemenstor, most upgrade their battlestaff to a Elemenstave.

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