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Bavi Tonkotsu

An somewhat bookish female character introduced early in the web comic Megawangokyo as a potential love interest/girlfriend of Ooesuke Minigawa. They go on a few marginally successful dates, one notably involving a string of museum hopping exploits that strangely coincided with the theft of some of Wangokyo's most treasured pieces of art. (It is also hinted a couple times that Bavi may have been one of the robbers who stole Hidro and Oosuke's things during the pre-episodes.)


Bavi's violent death in a hail of gunfire in episode 4 is cited as marking the turning point where the series entered it's "darker" phase. The shooting was so graphic, spanning several pages capturing it at all possible angles, that long-time readers were quite in shock for the two weeks over which the pages of Bavi's death were revealed. It was especially heartbreaking due to the fact that this plot twist occurred mere days after the real-life death of series co-writer Rick Casten. Fans consider it quite likely that the two incidents are related, and that Ken Nordris had been waiting for the chance to abandon the romantic storylines and try for something darker. Perhaps the most telling sign of this was a newspost made by Nordris near the end Bavi's marathon death sequence.


"BAVI'S DEAD, Y'ALL! ^_^ Heh, well, actually there are still two more pages to go. Hell, I've got enough artwork of this to make comic pages for the rest of the year, but I limited myself to only my favorite drawings. I'm going to try to color the next page, so it might be a little late if my comp gives me trouble." -Ken Nordris


Given Bavi's utter destruction in episode 4, fans were even more miffed by her sudden return in episode 7. Little explanation was given for how she survived and what she'd been doing, and her relationship with Ooesuke eventually started up as though nothing had happened. In a thread on the MW message board entitled "Oh, COME ON!" fans debated this incident and continue to try to make heads or tales of it to this day. Whenever asked for comment, Nordris has responded only with vague, cryptic answers which have led fans to believe he either has some master backstory in the works or is just pretending he does.


Ooesuke and Bavi's relationship is sometimes mentioned in stories and other times ignored, implying that it is probably not very serious, but at a key juncture, it appears as though this will be changing. Right at that time recently orphanned Jade Lotus returns and interestingly (most unexpectedly), Ooesuke Minigawa and she have a torrid one night stand. This sets the stage for the three's a crowd situation with Jade, Bavi, and Ooesuke that currently is the status quo.

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