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A pure black Dyemon said to "make MooMaa look like a damn pussy". It was defeated by Mardrangion and a cadre of Elemenstors and had its soul sealed inside the nineteen Ginormo, which ruled over a large area of the northern Sickle.


When Vander Eyemless's girlfriend, Jenna Eggshell, died one day from choking on a banana, he got the bright idea that Belchazar was so badass - that he might be able to bring his chick back to life. He slew the nineteen Ginormo, and freed Belchazar. Belchazar kept up his end of the bargain and brought Vander's girl back to life - then went on to do very bad things.


Mardrangion eventually returned to the Sickle and re-sealed Belchazar into Eyemless himself, causing him to be reborn into Toran Eyemless, a young Dyemon/human hybrid.

Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 5:34 am on Jul 17, 2006

sort of the "jengo fett" of the series..

Anonymous said

at 8:15 am on Jul 17, 2006

uh...what does that make moo maa then?

Anonymous said

at 8:59 am on Jul 17, 2006

the... um... chick that gets shot with the poison dart in ep ii?

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