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Bendloyer Felkin

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Bendloyer Felkin

Official Information

A bumbling Stream Elemenstor, about whom little canonical information exists. The known information covers the fact that he somehow came into possession of the Soul Prison of Xoxor Xxar, which is known to have passed from Zenethir Foulblade, to Orphenna Troughberry, and then to Bendloyer Felkin.


At a rather awkward school function, Bendloyer drops the container, which he had been carrying throughout the story. The soul of Xoxor Xxar, once released, swiftly flies back to its sleeping body, entombed below Old Karpithon. It is here that Bendloyer passes out of canon.


Fan Fiction

The fan short story The Felkin Game attempts to justify Bendloyer's possession of the Soul Prison in a rather "unconventional" method. The story posits that Bendloyer started life as the young girl Orphenna Troughberry, who went through a bit of an identity crisis during the period after her father died.


It is known from Book 2 that Orphenna takes the cracked and broken container from the cabin of Zenethir Foulblade. In the fan fiction, she and the mysterious vessal are frozen for several yearicles atop Mount Windice. The story then picks up just after she was discovered by a few hikers. After being revived, Orphanna surprisingly decides to have a sex change operation and finds her (his?) true self by enlisting in the Cerulean Citadel, training ground for budding Elemenstors under the name Bendloyer Felkin.


The lack of any further epic contributions by Bendloyer in Book 3 is justified as, regrettably, being similar to the fate of many a child star. According to the story, his final 15 minutes come in Book 3, where he gives council to Gavment Rayling and introduces the much-beloved poem The Bravery of the Doomed. It is possible that the anonymous bard in Book 3 was Bendloyer as this is one of the least far fetched of the theories put forth by The Felkin Game.


Further "proof" is offered by the author of this work, pointing out that in the Wizbits Elemenstor Battle CCG: the set which contains the Bendloyer Felkin (Card) and the Dark Doomblade (Card) also contains a Sex Change (Card).


In fanfiction, it is popular to pair Bendloyer with his friend introduced in Book 3, Fllustoril the Exiled Elf, although there are often heated debates as to if this counts as slash or not, depending on how much fanon the reader considers to be true.


Discussion about The Felkin Game


How could Bendloyer Felkin be Orphenna Troughberry if there are generations that pass between book 2 and book 3?
I remember Tycho Brahe speaking to this at a convention once - I think he mumbled something to the effect of her being frozen in the fire/ice of Mount Windice for a number of years, though my memory could be hazy. Feel free to change if you remember differently. -Josh
Ah, right... I do remember reading that in the news groups. I've added that to the entry because I think it's important. Thanks!

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