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Benedeir the Mediocre

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Benedeir the Mediocre

Member of the Falchion Faction and incredibly, one might say guadily, flashy dresser. Bedecked in sequins and primary colors, often highly accessorized as well, Benedeir still managed to cut only a mediocre figure, leaving little impression on those with whom he interacted. He transchanted Catherine the Cradle for a local couple, but the woman ultimately was not actually pregnant, but was claiming to be so for tax purposes. Let down by the experience, Benedeir did little other transchanting.


The mediocre Stream Elemenstor (who by most accounts appeared to be quite talented in Stream elemenstation) was the creator of the Beef Bridge, which he created in order to save a group of walking nunly bridge crossers. Why the nuns could not merely stop walking upon reaching the broken bridge is unclear. In later tellings of the story, mostly told by Brickabrackers, the nuns were in a run-away cart, but there is little evidence that the nuns ever a cart, but the story was perhaps confused with other nun saving tales related to the elemenstor.


Benedeir appears most notably in the novel The Forgotten Faction as part of the Falchion Faction, along with Korbrin Terribluth, Lady B'gt'ts, and a motley crew of others. The group appears to be just as concerned with sneaking into parties as it is with resisting the Item Law Makers, but that is somewhat beside the point.


Also of note is that Benedeir seems to be fate bound to endangered nuns, if such a thing is possible. Peaceful Happy Singing Mountain Nuns, strict and ascetic nuns of Vuksveufa, the no-nuns of the Dariuan sects who are indistiguishable from ordinary womenfolk, or the bloody-crazy pagan violent nuns of Ronardity, Benedeir the Mediocre seems to have always be in a place where he has an opportunity to save nuns who are in mortal peril. He is rarely appreciated, or even recognized for the great lengths to which he will go to strike saving gears at the last moment, and it is certainly a theme in almost all canon (and non-canon) references to the character. Benedeir is mentioned repeatedly in Illibar's Assignation only in reference to the imperiled nuns which he most certainly would be saving if he were in the vacinity.

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