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Bitchinbrau, a major export of Octobavaria, is known to be the most bitchin' of all Ridiculously Alcoholic beverages. It is believed to contain the essence of pure awesomeness through a unique process of synthesizing Elemenstation known as Coolification. Grammabad Fireblood was said to be a great fan of Bitchinbrau and it may have been the inspiration for his own unique experiments in the field of Ridiculously Alcoholic brewing.


"The name says it all. A brew as bitchin' as all get out, over 340 proof and strong enough to get a tree drunk." -Marus Tamerus, Elemenstor In Training (His famous last words before downing a pint of Bitchinbrau and dying of Acute Alcohol Poisoning.)


It is also beleived to be a favored libation of the Necrom Vermii Omnus Fraternity of Eldritch Beings Beyond Comprehension.


"Duuuuuude...I just did Bitchinbrau shots out of the suckers of the FINEST two Eldritch Chicks you have EVER seen." -Mashmakhazghanyanu


Bitchinbrau is considered at it's finest when drunk from a Beer Bong.

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