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Black Fox Games

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Black Fox Games


The publishers of the ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG. Before achieving success with the ELotH:TES game, Black Fox was a self-described "aggregate of chain-smoking cafe-dwelling goths" with a marked interest in generic occult monsters. First gaining interest in the series thanks to Garth Ennis Presents: The Vampyric Wars, the head of Black Fox games, Alestair Murkwood, read the volume and declared it greatest thing he had ever laid eyes upon. He immediately contacted Tycho Brahe in an attempt to get the rights; Brahe, just beginning his drinking and pill binge, replied with an unhesitant "yes."


The game itself was a moderate success despite Black Fox continuing their use of dice that are nearly impossible to balance correctly or even roll. The game makes use of the full spectrum of the dice Black Fox produced, often by providing vague references from the ELotH:TES books as "support" for their inclusion.


Black Fox provided a steady, to the point of being somewhat unnerving, output for the game, although the sheer rush of products meant some of them were notably low quality, such as the Return to Underpants campaign.


When Black Fox lost the license to a larger, more popular RPG publisher and adapted to a growing universal system, Alestair Murkwood, in a legendary display of rage, actually attempted to T.P. the home offices of the new rights-holders, failing due to their lack of trees and fast-acting, pepper-spray-wielding guards. Murkwood was dismissed as "not even getting the name spelled right" by the head of the rival publishers.


Black Fox still publishes unauthorized supplements for the old game, which have become more and more disjointed, referring to the infamous final episode of The Wizbits Cartoon and The Fourteenth Manuscript. Some suspect he may be one of the Dark Fourteen, though this is mere fan speculation.

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