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Blade Castratoryll

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Blade Castratoryll


"How did she reach such an unspeakable position with drinking, only drinking, as our guide?" - Lady Shiflanhand, high general of Gwyndlewhythlwend, upon seeing the blade in action

"I have seen it in battle. When my Lady suffered injury, I was tasked with bearing it against her foes. It was a privilege to know, if only for moments, the endless bris of this, the greatest of weapons." - also Lady Shiflanhand


Of the three great blades Elf-Queen Gwyndlewhythlwend wielded, none were so brutal as the Blade Castratoryll, and none had such lulz associated with their creation.


Years before the crafting of her blade, she was inspired by what has been referred to as the most unspeakable fishing accident known to Battal. Carefully noting the circumstances of the event, she made the weapon over the course of decades. Only after suffering humiliation at the hands of a rival did she dare draw the blade in anger.


At a Kings Council mixer hosted in Shadia, land of the Witch-Elves, a visibly drunk Sovereign Shadomorn referred to Gwyndlewhythlwend as a "stupid bleedin' chickwitch," arguably the most insulting term one could bestow upon a Witch-Elf. In response, Gwyndlewhythlwend handed her drink to her ever-present Lady Shiflanhand and took off her belt; to the surprise of all in attendance, it was not a shiny and somewhat tacky belt, but in reality, a "belt sword" wound tight around her waist. With a battle-cry and some supple wrist-movements, the enchanted blade lashed out, looped about her target, and drew first blood. So to speak.


From henseforth, none dared speak ill of the Witch-Elves around Gwyndlewhythlwend. Shadomorn was later buried in the Ditch of the Glad We're Not Him just outside the Choking Stench of Rot Fecetorium.

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