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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 10 (Not Very Nasty At All)

Creature Families: Aquatic, Insectoid, Chimeric

A somewhat strange Zonardian creature that seems to be some distant relation of both fish and insects. It is amphibious. In the water, it inhales seawater and puffs itself up to frighten up foes - extending a series of non-poisonous but nevertheless painful spines to ward off predators.


It can take to the air by going to the surface, and inhaling a great deal of air - allowing it to float on wind currents. It can ward off predators with spines or expell its inhaled pocket of air at high speed to zoom away.


Dawinesque controversially proposed that Gnarled Land Squid were actually Blimpies that had floated down to the Sickle and experienced a mutation causing them to be unable to retain inhaled air.